film production

2015 I founded my own film production company, „Vincenza Production“. In 2015/2016 I produced 4 short movies. „Das Stipendium“ („The scholarship“), „Stiller Abschied“ („A silent farewell“), „Achtung Frau“ („Watch Out: Wife!“), „Du, Hier!“ („You’re here!“).

Watch Out: Wife! (Achtung Frau!, 2016)
Manuela receives an unexpected visit: Petra, the wife of her lover. Manuela, secretly a lethal master of Kung Fu, prepares herself for a bloody fight, while Petra has to deal with another kind of problem: rarely has she seen such a messy fruit bowl

Achtung Frau! (Watch Out_ Wife!) from Natascha Vincenza on Vimeo.

You’re here! (Du, hier!, 2016)
Carolin and her ex-boyfriend Tobias accidentally meet in a park. Both are suddenly faced with their past.

Du, hier! from Natascha Vincenza on Vimeo.

A silent farewell (Stiller Abschied, 2016)
Early morning at the breakfast table. Theresa blames her daughter Larissa for her ex-boyfriend and father failure. In the dispute Larissa recognizes that it is time to take her life into her own hands.

Stiller Abschied from Natascha Vincenza on Vimeo.

The scholarship (Das Stipendium, 2015)
In a job interview Ms Böhme tries to get a scholarship in a charming way.

Das Stipendium from Natascha Vincenza on Vimeo.